Enjoy this lighthearted video (with a bit of truth!) about choosing the right health care agent:



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National Healthcare Decision Day is April 16th. This year, more people than ever have thoughts about their health at the forefront of their minds. While the need for advance health care planning has always been important, it is absolutely critical in the current pandemic environment. Executing an Advance Directive (also sometimes referred to as a medical power of attorney or living will) ensures that you have the proper legal documentation in place to name agents who will make medical decisions for you if you are not able to continue making your own decisions, and documenting your wishes for the type of care and treatment you would like to receive.

These are not easy conversations. Most people don’t feel comfortable talking about their own mortality, or bringing up the need for advance planning with their loved ones. The reality is, however, that we all should have these significant conversations with our family members. We should all think about the kind of care and treatment we would like to receive, and who we trust to make decisions on our behalf. Planning in advance not only protects your wishes, but it also eases a burden on your loved ones.

Join me throughout the month of April, when I’ll be posting helpful resources detailing the need for advance health care planning and explaining the specifics of the California Advance Health Care Directive. Please check my website  regularly for updates.

On April 16th, I’ll be hosting a webinar, “Advance Health Care Planning," as part of my client education series. You will have the opportunity to prepare your own California Advance Health Care Directive. I am providing these services free-of-charge as part of my initiative to ensure that all Californians, regardless of age, express their end-of-life decisions.

Be well, and stay positive!