Ms. Nelson is licensed to practice law in the State of California.

Laura Rose Nelson represents victims of automobile accidents in pursuit of their bodily injury claims. She handle all aspects of your claim so you can focus on your health and recovery. Laura aggressively negotiates for the best settlement and is prepared to litigate your case when settlement is not advantageous. 

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Probate administration is a detailed process governed by state law and supervised by the court.  Laura Rose Nelson represents individuals and families who have lost loved ones and need to settle their loved ones' affairs through probate in California.  She can also assess the need for a probate administration and advise you as to the use of simplified procedures where possible.  Laura would love to help you navigate the law and guide you through this difficult process.


Estate Planning


Trust and estate litigation is governed by the probate courts in California and, like all litigation, is a highly complex process. Litigation is a time consuming, costly, and emotionally draining process. Laura Rose Nelson can help you assess the need for litigation and guide you through the sensitive decision to pursue your case in court. Laura will honestly and thoroughly advise you as to likely outcomes at trial and the potential alternative avenues of resolving your legal issues. She can handle all aspects of your case if you chose to litigate, and will aggressively pursue your rights.

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A typical estate plan may include a variety of instruments such as a Last Will and Testament, Trust, Power of Attorney, Legal Guardianship documents, and healthcare-related planning documents (Advance Directive, Healthcare Power of Attorney, etc).  A properly prepared and executed estate plan ensures that your wishes are respected and eases the burden on your loved ones.  It may also reduce the tax liability on your estate and avoid the lengthy and costly probate process.  Advanced methods of estate planning may protect your assets for future generations from claims by creditors like those encountered in lawsuits or divorce situations.  Laura Rose Nelson can assist you in formulating a customized estate plan.