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What it means to plan with intention

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Preserve Your Legacy, Maintain your Dignity, Liberate your Loved Ones
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An amazing thing happens when we are unburdened by worry – we can began to live.  I have walked with many clients through the estate planning process.  I have counseled individuals and families through many difficult decisions and addressed their deepest concerns.  Planning for your death can be an uncomfortable venture.  Not only must you face the fact that your death is inevitable, but you must also imagine your certain death in all its detail.  In order to make the necessary estate planning-related decisions, you must also contemplate your family situation after your death – the spouse you may leave behind, your loved ones and their needs.  You are burdened by worry, and worrying about being a burden.  Some of the decisions you must make will be the most difficult of your life.  Just reading this will make many of you sweat.  I believe that this is why many people neglect to plan for incapacity and death.  Many people anticipate this uncomfortable process and choose to avoid it.  So many times, a client’s first contact with me comes only after they have experienced the fallout resulting from a failure to plan.  A loved one has passed away, and now they are left picking up the pieces - a prolonged probate administration, mounting legal fees, uncertain results.  It is an experience that can have a deep, lasting impact on those that must endure it.

My mission is to change the way we, as a society, look at estate planning.  I want people to feel empowered, to take charge of their desires, to plan for life and death with intention.  We are not just drafting legal documents, we are making decisions that have profound effects - from end-of-life decisions to choices that will direct the preservation of your hard-earned legacy.  I encourage each and every client to assist me in formulating a comprehensive plan, a plan that anticipates every contingency we can imagine together.  We work as a team to create your Intentional Estate Plan, a gift that will eventually become the greatest one that you will give your loved ones - a peaceful and easy transition in your legal affairs on your passing. 

Many clients, upon completing their estate plans, take an audible sigh of relief.  Each person will describe the sense of peace that they feel differently, but they all describe the same basic emotion.  One client said it best, “now I can live!”  It’s an amazing thing that happens when you create an intentional estate plan - free of worry, you can begin to really live.